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RMMC Styles

We strongly encourage authors to use this style file when preparing manuscripts for publication in Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics.

This style file can be saved to the same folder as the paper you are preparing.

This style file produces pages of the correct size for our journals. Please do not change the page size.

Please note that employing generic (non-typographic) tagging of content greatly eases transition from submissions to publication-ready articles.

The preferred general form of a submitt document is:


     { package and environment declarations }

     \title{An article}

     \author{First Author}
     \address{First Author Address, Country}
     \email{firstauthor email Address}

     \author{Second Author}
     \address{Second Author Address, Country}
     \email{secondauthor email Address}
     \thanks{ ... }

     \date{Month, Day, Year}



     { article content and list of references }


Typographic markup (such as italicization, embolding, centering, vertical space skipping) will generally be removed by publishers after receipt of an author-prepared document since final document appearance is much more easily controlled through generic tags. Section titles are best handled by LaTeX \section tags, references by \cite, and bibliographies through \bibitem (or \bibliography). The RMMC LaTeX style uses AMS-LaTeX to handle mathematical notation. Preparation of displayed mathematics is best done at a column-width as near as possible to the width to be used in final publication.

The advantages of generic markup extend to publishers beyond RMMC. Even in cases where it is not definite that the article will be published by RMMC, generic preparation with rmj-public or amsart and the AMS-LaTeX macros will ease publication and general communication to wide audiences.