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Instructions for Authors

Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics

The Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics publishes both research and expository articles in mathematics, and particularly invites well-written survey articles. It strives for high-quality exposition in all papers.

Instructions for Authors

Initial submission. A paper may be submitted to any member of the editorial board. Please submit to only one member of the editorial board. Such action is representation by the author that the manuscript has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted elsewhere. Please do not submit a paper simultaneously to more than one editor.

For questions of style, authors are referred to ``A Manual for Authors of Mathematical Papers,'' published by the American Mathematical Society. No footnotes may be used except one acknowledging financial support.

Authors should submit their paper electronically, in pdf (preferred) format, as an attachment to an email message.

The RMMC style sheet, , should be used when preparing a paper with LaTeX.

The submission should be a single file, with a distinctive name. The information in the body of the email message should include the authors' full names and the full title of the paper.

Joint Authors The email message or cover letter should specify which author will assume responsibility for correspondence and proofreading.

After acceptance. After a paper is accepted, the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics will contact you by email requesting any computer files associated with the paper. Do not send any materials to the rmmc office until you are contacted by the editorial office. We prefer LaTeX files and we prefer you use the RMMC style sheet which can be obtained at This page also contains full instructions.

It is very important that the office be notified of any changes in your email address.

Proofs. All proofing is done by email, if possible, and we cannot use this process without a current email address. Prior to publication a pdf file will be sent to you via email for proofreading. You must have a working email for us to process your paper.

Page Charges. There are no page charges.